Welcome to you and your fur-baby

Indulgence awaits

Welcome to the prestigious Hotel for Cats.

Your cat’s premiere holiday destination.

Here, your pusscat will feel comforted, soothed and loved.

We offer modern, spacious cat boarding where your pussycat has the choice of three levels of gorgeous accommodation.

Professional care, love and nutritious food is included in every stay.

hotel for cats

Our bespoke rooms offer your pussycat the very best

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Sun kings stretch out with separate bed and lounge bathed in sunlight.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Boasting a private outdoor area with exclusive access, the Scandi is our finest suite.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Gorgeous space-filled suite with animal print and levels to explore.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Bookish pusscats will find the penthouse library most agreeable.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Holiday in the embossed wallpapered Parlour with own TV.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel

With an open plan design and industrial feel, this loft will delight your pussycat.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Modern apartments with three levels to explore. Luxury is standard at this hotel.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Holiday in the Hamptons with glass door, low ramps and large TV. Great for seniors!

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Spacious luxury with Parisian styling, large window, separate bedroom, TV.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Just like a studio apartment, but with a peephole for spying on servants.

About Hotel For Cats

The Hotel for Cats was established by Holly and Hamish Bathgate in response to our vet clients’ wishes for a luxury cattery where veterinary care and attention is present every day. And so, in 2009, they opened the luxurious Hotel for Cats right next door to their vet hospital, Blakehurst Vet.

Why Choose Us

What sets us apart from other cat boarding facilities is that the Hotel for Cats is managed and run by a team of veterinary professionals seven days a week.

Our entry level rooms (Studio Apartments) are the same size as many cat boarding facilities’ largest suites, with room for 2-3 cats from the same family.

We don’t believe in putting cats in cages or “condos”, our rooms are purpose built for our precious felines guests.

Go on holidays knowing your cat is having a holiday in a five star resort of their own.

Sip cocktails by the pool guilt-free.

We’ll take loving care of your fur-baby.

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Looking for something extra special? Opt for nail, health checks or dental work during your cat’s stay.


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15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Rooms are spacious and always cage-free. Even our standard rooms are generous and five star rooms enjoy TV, lounge chairs.


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15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Guests are treated like royalty with room service several times a day by doting human servants who are cat lovers!


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15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel


Our luxury cattery is run by a caring vet and his team of loving nurses. We only serve premium food and ensure guests are healthy and happy.

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    9547 2750

  • Just 8.8km south of Sydney airport

    653 Princes Hwy, Blakehurst
    Parking available in Water Street

  • We Are Here For You

    Monday to Friday: 8am-6:30pm
    Saturday: 8:30am-1:30pm
    Sundays & Public Holidays: Live-in servant cares for guests after hours, but cannot check-in or out on these days.


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Featured in Daily Telegraph, Wentworth Courier, Manly Daily

15-150x150 HOME- cats hotel