Booking your cat with us is like booking yourself into the finest hotel, but with your own hairdresser, doctor, beautician, nurse and dentist in the room next door! But how was such a fabulous concept realised?

It all started with bad-tasting cocktails
As cat lovers, Blakehurst Vet owners Hamish and Holly Bathgate couldn’t bear the thought of going on holidays while their fur-baby was locked in a cage. Cocktails taste sweeter when you know your cat is content and loved and has room to stretch and play. So, they worked towards their dream of opening a luxurious cat hotel, opening the Hotel for Cats in 2009.

Love and first-class care is here
The hotel and vet are connected by double doors, so guests receive oodles of love from our caring vet nurses who closely monitor guests to ensure everyone is happy and healthy.  On the rare occasion where veterinary intervention is required, a vet is just a few steps away, giving peace of mind to owners who rightly expect the very best for their babies. 

Award winning care
Both the hotel and the vet have won Most Outstanding Pet Care in the St George Business Awards, a recognition which was earned by always striving to go the extra mile for our clients.

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