We pride ourselves on not just being the prime Sydney cat boarding location, but on how far we go to make your cat’s holiday extra special. Check out these great packages available during your pussycat’s stay.



Don’t miss your puddycat too much! Stay connected with this special pack.


  • Social media post
  • 3 photos emailed to family
  • 2 x playtime sessions with iPad and servant

If your pussycat is camera shy and does not wish to be photographed, we respect that and will issue you with a Connect and Play refund.


$20 per stay

If your feline friend loves nothing more than finding the warmest spot in the house, hiring a heat pad during your cat’s stay might be just the ticket!



Indoor cats need their nails trimmed regularly. At our hotel, your puddy can have a manicure and pedicure without even leaving their suite. We’ll send them home with trim and terrific nails.


Health check  $68

Cats age around seven years for every one human year and, just like their human slaves, prevention is always better than cure. During a Hotel for Cats stay, our vet can perform a full veterinary health check.

Vaccination   $95

Why take your cat out of their comfort zone twice? If your pussycat is nearing their vaccination date, we can perform this in-house during their stay. Price includes full health check by our wonderful vet.



Fancy a new do? Knots getting to you. Then, this is purr-fect for your pusscat.


  • Massage
  • Nail trim
  • Ear clean and refresh
  • Vet supervised full groom lion clip under twilight sedation
  • Aromatherapy shampoo and conditioning treatment



Take up this package and your cat will go home with a gleaming smile and lovely fresh breath.


  • Professional scale and polish by our veterinarian
  • 1x packet of vet-approved dental food
  • Ear clean and refresh
  • Nail trim
  • Special Prozym mouth wash solution in water during stay

NOTE : if teeth extractions are required, extra charges will apply


$1400 per 24 hours

For pussycats who demand the finest in life and delight in having their paw held night and day. Please call us on 9547 2750 for details on this extra special package, which includes:

  • Chauffeur service,
  • Accomodation in our finest suite
  • Private butler and vet service
  • On-demand video calls and much, much more.